Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transplanting Herbs


Transplanting Herbs  


~ Oregano ~

The easiest way to propagate oregano, parsley, or rosemary is through plant division or cuttings.

I cut a soda bottle in half, created drainage holes with a nail and added a mix of soil and vermiculate/perlite. I took 5 cuttings of about  4" for oregano and about 6" for rosemary off the end of a stem.  I planted it in the bottom of the soda bottle, packing it in a little then watering lightly.  Then I added the top back on to the soda bottle and taped the top back to the bottom. This creates a mini greenhouse. Check it regularly to make sure it is staying moist.  If needed you can add a little water through the top.

In about two - three weeks there will be new roots and you can replant the herb in the garden. 

~ Rosemary ~

To transplant mint or basil you can use the same process of taking a cutting, stripping the leaves from the lower portion but instead of rooting in soil you can root in a small jar with water.  Make sure any of the leaves below the waterline are removed, change the water out every few days and  place the cuttings out of direct sunlight. 
 I have so much mint, basil, and parsley that you are welcome to come pull it up by the root and transplant it directly into your garden or pot.  If you transplant it directly in the garden be mindful that you will need to water it daily until it is established.  My cilantro has gone to seed so you are welcome to take seeds with you to use as coriander or plant for cilantro.

I no longer need to plant any of the above mentioned herbs. Rosemary and Oregano are perennials in Central Texas.  Basil, parsley and mint reseed every season.  I plant both rosemary and basil next to and inside my vegetable beds to discourage bugs. 
New additions to my herb garden are...
lemon balm


  1. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm yum! Great tips, thank you for sharing. I am trying stevia this year for the first time too. So far so good. You?

    1. The stevia is doing well. I am not sure how it will do as we get into the hotter months. I will keep you posted. I have found that my herbs generally do better "the less" I do with them.

      I had to overcome my fear of taking cuttings and using them the herbs. In fact my first year of veggie gardening I had a lot go to waste because I was afraid I was doing something wrong. My mother in law taught me to be fearless. After all the worst I could do is kill the plant and have to replant.

      I noticed you went fearless with the frog fruit in your yard! I can't wait to see it once it fills in a bit.