Monday, May 6, 2013

Total Sink Makeover $86.37 plus tax

Ok, so this isn't necessarily a garden post however I thought I would share a few of the low cost upgrades we have made to the kitchen.   Just a little history...we purchased our standard out of the box home about six years ago.  We have made several improvements over the last few years.  However the kitchen upgrades are the ones that I value the most. 

Total Sink Makeover $86.37 plus tax

For less than $100.00, we were able to make this part of the kitchen not only more functional but prettier too.

The dish soap dispenser $25.00 approx. from Home Depot  was an easy addition that I "installed" myself.
Most of the standard sinks come with a little round pop-out cover, usually to the right of the faucet. I removed it with a butter knife and installed the soap dispenser.

The door knobs $19.99. I purchased at Target in a 10 pack.  The sell templates for kitchen cabinet knobs which make installation a snap.  My father in law installed these in the entire kitchen a few years back and made his own template.  I didn't add drawer pulls to the pull out because they bother me while working at the sink however for just a few dollars more they would be an easy and pretty addition.

Tip Out Sponge Trays $19.99 again from Home Depot were easy to install.  The façade of these false drawers were easy to pop off by pushing from the inside.  The trays come with all the hardware you need to install the trays. No special tools were needed other than a screwdriver. 

The glass tiles $3.99 (clearance priced) normally $5.95 at Home Depot.  I only used one sheet and cut each line out to install.  I purchased a small tub of tile adhesive $6.47 and non-sanded tile grout $4.98.


Total Sink Makeover $86.37 plus tax


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