Friday, May 10, 2013

Zilker Botanical Garden - Austin, TX

Today I had an appointment in Austin.  On the way home I stopped for about an hour at
Zilker Botanical Gardens. 
I knew I probably just missed the early summer "show".  However the most amazing part of a garden is that it is always changing.  There is always something in bloom.
After visiting a local family's garden this week, I have been motivated to take garden tours.  It has been a bit of a rough week for me.  Visiting, listening, and sharing ideas with other gardeners has made some of the bumps a little smoother. 
I have walked away feeling uplifted and inspired.   It has boosted my confidence and left me humbled at the same time.
 I am focusing right now on learning about native trees.  This is an area I lack experience.  Walking through Zilker Park I was able to really observe the texture and shape of the trees.  To distinguish between deciduous and evergreens. 
It is not surprising that water features are often incorporated in a landscape design.  Running water seems to wash away tension and stress.  There is a feeling of bounty when there is water present.  

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